I am not doing this for any reason other than jotting down a thought. I have not posted on here in 3 years it looks like. Not like nothing has happened. I have a whole other kid who did not exist the last time. My job has changed significantly. I own a home. My hair is more thin. My wife has a masters. My oldest kid is in kindergarten.

I think that I have been so busy living the life that I neglect to record it. Not that I have to. I think this is more interesting to me so that my kids can maybe read it when they are older and whatever. So if they are, sorry Oliver. It got a a bit crazy since you were born. But go check out the instagram feed. You’re there buddy.

I actually wish i could disconnect more from the social media stuff. There is a bit of it that falls under my job responsibilities and expectation.



I was home today sick. I hate being sick because I can’t stand feeling trapped. I can’t go anywhere. Can only work a little bit. I feel less productive.

So being forced to slow down really frustrates me. There is much to do and being down tends to stress me out more.

I hope to feel better soon. I do know like feeling idle.



Not feeling well.

But i wanted to blog about how people say legit too much.

Look uo the definition. The next time somebody says that “bro that is legit, be like nope.” I mean MC Hammer was 2 Legit 2 Quit, and that kind of blew up.

PS please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em ( me )

All i got.



Oh Sunday, you always convict me.

Some people would think that a person who works at a church would have it all together, or at least be half way decent.

I am listening to my pastor just rip me unknowingly. Specks in eyes and secret thoughts in the heart. All the truth that makes me want to just vomit it all out.

If I actually acted on the things in my head, most of you would probably unfriend me on facebook. How often am I processing my thoughts through Jesus? I find myself trying to sneak around him. Knowing what he thinks. Then walking around that corner where i think he will not be. But he is.

I do not want to be an abuser of grace. I want grace. I need it, but I will not abuse it.

Greatfully, I never act out of my thoughts. My conviction is strong. And God’s grace is stronger.

Back to the message, Pastor Matt drops the amazingly easy solution to our issues…

Read Gods word.

“already you are clean because the word that i have spoken to you” JOHN 15.5

If you have read this, please own that.




As of November 1st not only have I begun to committ to the #novemberblogfest, i have also begun a manly journey. A journey that may seem impossible to some. A journey unattainable by others. But for me, I am going to climb the mountain that is…The Beard of The Winters! From the first if November to the darkest nights of February, I vow to grow the most manliest of facial adornment i have ever attempted.

I can never make it passed the first month and a half, but this year seems right.

So support me friends. I am five days in. The Beard of The Winters is upon us (or me).