Batman is dead.


Huh? You mean Christian Bale? No. Michael Keaton? No. Val Kilmer or George Clooney? No…( do they even count? ) Oh no not Adam West? NOPE! Well at least not yet…he is getting up there.No I am referring to the character of Batman. Bruce Wayne. The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight Detective.?? Part of the Dynamic Duo ( w/ Robin) and The Worlds Finest ( w/ Superman )My favorite superhero of all time. The guy with no powers.?? Just a lot of determination ( and a billion dollar inheritance ) and training.?? The guy who has been published almost weekly since 1939.?? And he is dead. Like took a laser beam to the head and heart.?? I do not know all of the specific, as I have not read monthly comics in years, but I do keep up on some current things through?? collected editions and various new-sites. There was a storyline going on titled BATMAN RIP which pretty much alludes to a demise to the character. Though from my understanding that was not the case…until now. He apparently finds his way to the big bat-cave in the sky by defeating an enemy not even Superman could defeat… and he sacrificed himself to save an entire universe in the process.Smells like a publicity stunt to me. Bad publicity, but publicity none the less.BATMAN is DC Comics and Warner Bros. biggest franchise. He is bigger than SUPERMAN when it comes to marketing. THE DARK KNIGHT made 4 times in 2008 what SUPERMAN RETURNS did in 2006. It is not like his popularity was fading and they needed to give the character a great closure.So why kill BATMAN? No more new ideas? Come on writers! I feel like it’s just a weak way to get excitement with no lasting impact. I don’t think DC COMICS is that dumb.


They will probably replace him with ROBIN or NIGHTWING ( the all grown up first Robin for the un-geeked ) They know Bruce Wayne is BATMAN and comic book fans have loud voices. When they stop spending money, publishers hear. And it sounds like a lot of BATMAN fans are upset. Sometimes it is an event like this?? that drives people back into a comic shop to find out what in the world is going on.?? It happened in 1992 when BATMAN had his back broken and SUPERMAN died.?? Those were successful stunts, as millions of comics were sold. I am not so sure with this one. SUPERMAN can die and come back. He is an alien. He could have been taking a Kryptonian nap for all we know. But BATMAN is just a dude. He can rehabilitate a broken back, but if his head gets blown off,?? he has no supernatural Bat healing powers. He is a goner. How does a BATMAN come back from the dead?I have some ideas, but I will not bore you with those, as I am sure most of you have stopped reading by now anyway.I am just a little sad to hear the news.I am sure BATMAN will continue to be around, albiet not Bruce Wayne…for now.?? Maybe I will go to a comic book shop to find out how.


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