This is way past due. I have been wanting to post this for a good while, but my schedule is crazy. Or I just have not been able to budget my blogging time as much as I wish.

On January 31st (yikes that is like 2 months ago) Sandals Church was having a “STYLE YOUR SOLE” event to raise money for our ministry partner FAVOR OF GOD in Uganda. There were a few ways to help raise money, by giving blood, a silent auction and purchasing some TOMS SHOES.
I opted for giving blood, which raises about 25 bucks for each person who gives and the TOMS SHOES. TOMS SHOES is a cool company because for each pair of shoe bought, another shoes is given to a child in need of some new kicks. All the shoes being sold that day were all white. Blank canvases for the purchaser to decorate or donate some more cash to FAVOR OF GOD for somebody else to decorate.

This was hard for me as I am strictly a vans kind of guy. Since it was for a great cause, I jumped in. My original idea was to do some GREEN LANTERN shoes, but the way the shoes are designed did not flow with my original plan. So I opted for Batman and Joker profiles. It was so hard to start this project. Once pen hit the canvas, I was committed. Any mistakes had to be incorporated.

I started out with a quick sketch of the idea. My thought was the left shoe is the Joker, as left usually is implied to evil and the uhhh…opposite of right. So that leaves the right to The Dark Knight. Right is justice. Get it? A pretty obvious idea to lay out. I would have kicked myself if I did not think that side through.
All in all it took about 4 hours with some breaks here and there. Pretty happy with them. I am not a big fan of Batman and a blue cape. I am of the thought that he is always dressed in shades of black, but for the purpose of the shoes I wanted some nice contrast and bright colors.My favorite is the Joker one. The Clown Prince of Crime just looks kind of creepy staring up at me as I walk to get a taco or something.


Sketching it all out.


what are you laughing at?


final touches on the Joker shoes.


Matt Richey, Dave and Dawn Carter and myself.


I am really excited to do my next pair of shoes. I think I am going to get some custom ordered vans with black soles to start my Green Lantern shoes. Next is my buddy Matt Richey’s blue lantern oath shoes. going to be awesome!


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