Matt Murdock’s whole life is full of opposites. He is a lawyer. Yet he breaks  the law every single night as the vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen, DAREDEVIL! He is a devout Catholic, yet he adorns himself in the image of a devil. And the most contrasting thing about him is his acute sense of aim and precision in his fighting style, amazing since he is blind!

When Matt Murdock was a boy, he selflessly saved an elderly man who was crossing the street. The oncoming truck that almost hit him, swerved and hit the breaks, which caused it to launch a canister of chemicals into the face of the young kid. This was the type of behavior that earned Matt the nickname of “Daredevil”.  Back to the chemicals. They covered his entire face and blinded him. What seems to have robbed him of his sight has also given him super heightened senses everywhere else.

For example he can smell your sent. He can read text by feeling it on printed materials. Can tell if your lying because your heart rate changes. (pretty sweet for a lawyer!) He is also a master martial artist. He trained with the ninja master only known as “Stick” as well as being round his father who was a professional boxer. As a kid, he was murdered by the mob. Which is what gives Daredevil his motivation to become a lawyer and vigilante superhero.
You may be familiar with Daredevil by the so-so 2003 film starring Ben Affleck. Was not that awful of a movie, but select scenes really drag it down. Especially the “fight” in the playground with Elektra. I blame  the director who’s only other film at the time was “Simon Birch” look it up. Affleck did an ok job, but if he was the fan that he said he was I think he should have challenged the story a bit.


Daredevil is one of my favorites. It is such an original concept, you can not help but be intrigued by his storyline. 

If you want some good Daredevil readin’ I really suggest the following:



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