You may not know much about Hal Jordan. But in about a year you will. ??Thats when the GREEN LANTERN movie starring Ryan Reynolds hits theaters.

Hal Jordan is a Green Lantern. THE Green Lantern if you talk to most. He is part of an intergalactic space police force. He was given a ring because he is strong willed and knows no fear. He was assigned the space sector of 2814, which includes Earth and surrounding areas. The ring will create hard light constructs of anything the user imagines. Giant robot. boxing glove. Whatever you want. So if you think of your Aunt Beatrice vacuuming up your worst enemy, that is what the ring will do. You charge your ring with your lantern, which is a power battery. A charge lasts about 24 hours, or what is equivalent to that time in power usage. The rings were created by the Guardians of the Universe. Little blue men with a power trip.
Hal Jordan is also a hot shot test pilot. That is exactly what he was doing when he received his ring. Another Green Lantern was dying, Abin Sur, and his ring was searching for a replacement. Hal was ??the closest person who met the requirements. Although it was almost Guy Gardner. More on him later.??
Once Hal got his ring he was taken to the planet Oa where he was trained by season veteran GL, Thaal Sinestro. Sinestro was not a big fan of Hal at first. There seems to be a prejudice towards earth men amongst the alien Green Lantern Corps. Eventually Sinestro turns evil and arch nemesis of Green Lanterns.
There were some other GL of Earth. The second runner up was Guy Gardner, a football coach who because of a bad accident got a really bad personality change. (he is my favorite) He is the obnoxious character you love to hate. He has toned down a bit recently, but still has his rough edge. Batman is not a fan of him. ??John Stewart was the 3rd GL of earth when Hal took a leave of absence. He was a former marine and architect. He met a sweet alien lady named Katma Tui who was a GL as well. She died and John was kind of sort of involved with her whole planet exploding. Sucks to be him. He was the GL they used on the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE show.

Another Green Lantern was Alan Scott. He was the FIRST. Though not a member of the corps, he was tied in to the same power the guardians used. He came across his lantern and was instructed to weld a ring out of it. He then became known as the Green Lantern. He fought with the Justice Society in the 1940s and in Word War 2. He is an honorary member of the Green Lantern Corps.
Hal Jordan’s story goes on until his home town of Coast City, California is blown up by the evil alien ( why are they so evil all the time? ) Mon
gul and the Cyborg Superman impostor. (when Superman died, 4 people came back claiming to be him. The cyborg was one of them. He was evil though. Again with the evil!) This shook Jordan to his core and he actually felt a bit of fear. This caused an impurity in the ring which caused him to be infected by Parallax. This persona took over Hal Jordan and he soon went on a murderous rampage, killing many Green Lanterns and the Guardians of the Universe. So no more Green Lantern Corp.
With the power Jordan had as Parallax, he tried to restart the dawn of time, which pissed off a lot of super hero types. So they beat him at that game. Later Earths sun was dying off, so as a way to redeem himself, Jordan reignited the sun with all he had to save the world. He was given a heros funeral and all remembered the good he did, except Batman who never really trusted Hal once he went nuts.
Enter the??Specter. Gods wrath. He needed a new host, and with a new host comes the need to right some wrongs. Hal Jordan had a few of his to set right since the whole Parallax thing. So for a time Hal became the new Specter. Punishing those who needed punishing and at the same time balancing out the sins he had done to others. It’s comics, not theology people.
As all this is happening, there is no Green Lantern Corps anymore. But there is one ring left and one guardian. His name is Ganthet and he gives the ring to the first person he sees. That lucky guy is artist Kyle Rayner. The last Green Lantern. For a while at least.
Kyle was a great GL for a good while. Kind of got compared to Hal a lot, and got all the rookie jokes thrown at him, but he made a name for himself and earned the respect of his colleagues. Even Batman liked him.
Though as a GL you have some issues. It seems most of the ladies Kyle got involved with, got dead too. So that was a looming issue.
As an artist he has some of the coolest light constructs, compared to the beams and bubbles of most Green Lanterns.??
Soon Kyle became ION, which meant he was the holder of the green flame that powered the Green Lantern power an was able to restart the corps with that. Even rebirthing the guardians. ??But that caused some ruckus…which leads to…
There was some distress with the Specter. An internal fight between Parallax and the Specter developed and yadda yadda yadda…Hal Jordan is back. Along with Hal, Guy Gardner and John Stewart get their rings back again. Kyle is with them as well. They set out to restart the Corps again.
So much more, but that is the gist of it Now read some comics!



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