Day two of this #novemberblogfest has found me less than an hour to go and not an idea to move on.

Already the obstacles have been thrust in front of me and I can not think of which one to tackle first.
I still have a side project that needs attention and the heaviest eyes I have felt in awhile.
But this would keep me up all night if I did not post.
So I will describe my environment as much as possible. An open macbook and macbook pro staring at me as I stare back at them. Watchmen on the TV to keep me awake and my phone near by to wake me up if I fall asleep.

Completely unhealthy, I know. But one thing I am hoping to gain from this blogging exercise is a new found discipline that I need to get back.
So those that are apart of this, I ask for encouragement and kind words.
All of my spaces between thought may bug you, but that is all I have tonight is thoughts.

Peace of Jesus to you my friends.


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